The Caribbean Research & Policy Center

The Caribbean Research & Policy Center, Inc. (the CRPC) – a Caribbean think-tank in Washington DC, USA

The CRPC was launched officially on 17 June 2010 at a special event at the Embassy of Trinidad & Tobago in Washington DC. Establishment of the CRPC follows on a proposal made by the National Coalition on Caribbean Affairs to, and endorsed by the 2007 Washington Conference on the Caribbean that the Caribbean Diaspora establish a Caribbean-focused think-tank in Washington DC to research and study issues germane to the Caribbean region’s bi-lateral and multilateral relationships and its positioning on the global stage; with specific emphasis on United States-Caribbean relations; and on the region’s relations with other regional and bilateral partners.

Drawing on the expertise of the Caribbean Diaspora and the Caribbean region, the vision is to create an institution that is the primary source in Washington DC for research, discussion of issues, enhancement of policy development, and a premier source for information and input across the decision-making spectrum on issues related to the Caribbean. In essence, the premier think-tank in Washington DC primarily with Caribbean expertise and perspective that, through research, study and analysis, fills existing information and analyses gaps in policy and decision-making in Washington on Caribbean region issues.

The CRPC is dedicated to in-depth research and analysis of the positioning of the Caribbean region (in particular CARICOM and Associated States) in its relationships, in particular in areas such as: international trade; economic, social, and political development; regional security; and the environment. The CRPC promotes good governance, democracy, and rule of law in the Caribbean region, and will collaborate with, and complement Caribbean and other regional organizations and institutions in achieving shared objectives.

The CRPC also aims to contribute to a greater understanding of, and offer solutions on issues that affect the Caribbean Diaspora and on the relationships between the Caribbean Diaspora and the Caribbean region.


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